Universal has completed several projects for various public and private clients. We undertook wide range of projects icluding Schools, Community Centers, Apartment Complex, Libraries, Parking Structures and Recreational Facilities. Some of our completed projects are listed below:

Primary School 87, Queens, NY
SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) Project included restoration and replacement of Terra-Cotta throughout the building, Brick Façade. Structurally failed Brick Corners and entire Parapet were replaced. Windows were replaced with Aluminum material while maintaining original colonial pane design of wood windows.
Bronxdale Community Center, Bronx, NY
25,000 Square Feet of a new Community Center comprised of Brick/Curtain wall Façade and enclosed Gymnasium including Exercise Facilities, Athletic Equipments, Recreational Room, and classrooms for Training and Education.
Truman High School, PS 178, and MS 180, Bronx, NY
50,000 Square Feet of Masonry façade was replaced. Displaced precast unit were secured and reinstalled. 100,000 Square Feet of 4 Ply Built Up roof was replaced. Windows at stair tower and at selected classrooms were replaced.
Long Beach Parking Facility, Long Island, NY
New 2-Story 500 car Parking Structure and Overhead Pedestrian Bridge. Steel piles were used on this project due to high water table. Double Tee precast was used for parking deck. Bus Stop area was created at lower level.
PS 230, PS 238, PS 216, PS 269, Brooklyn, NY
SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) project included restoration and reinstallation of extensive Terra- Cotta work using injection grout. 20,000 Square feet of 4-Ply Built up Roof. 25,000 Sft of Masonry Facade restoration.
Intermediate School 292, Brooklyn, NY
Major restoration was done to restore and refinish concrete Façade. 1500 Windows and over 30,000 Square Feet of 4- Ply Built up Roof were replaced.
Alfred E. Smith Vocational School, Bronx, NY
Over 2,000 linear feet of parapet for two adjacent schools were replaced. Over 1500 aluminum windows were replaced. Masonry facade restoration, Windows replacement and Asbestos Abatement.
Nature Center, Staten Island, NY
New 5,000 SF of Recreational Building, consisting of Masonry, Brick Façade, Slate Roof, Slate Floor and Interior Wood Finishes
Primary School 106, Far Rockaway, NY
SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) Project, Stone Façade replacement using combination of GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) and Cast Stone. Repaired and Reinforced all steel structures, which was significantly damaged due to vicinity of site to Atlantic Ocean.
Primary School 41, Bronx, NY
Rebuilt Concrete retaining wall establishing property line at a sloping site. Removed and Reconstructed new Brick Chimney. Over 30,000 SF of 4 Ply Built up Roof was replaced.
Primary School 19, Manhattan, NY
Building corners which were structurally failing were replaced. Entire Parapet was rebuilt with spandrel restoration. All windows were replaced. Granite façade elevation was restored.
Intermediate School 2, Staten Island, NY
Restored Concrete Structures (Columns and Beams) using Short Crete. Replaced windows throughout the project. 50,000 Square Feet of roof was replaced
Tompkins Houses, Brooklyn, NY
Created Horizontal Expansion Joints at all floor levels for entire apartment complex comprised of 4-8 stories & 4-16 stories building. Approximate length of joints: 60,000 lft.


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